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Residential and Commercial Growth

Growth is a part of life. Trees and plants grow. Children grow. Towns and cities grow. Growth is a wonderful thing, as long as it is organic.

I believe that the vast majority of Westfield residents view growth as a positive. When people express concerns about growth, I don't think they are opposed to growth. I believe they are opposed to the manner in which the growth is being managed.

Maintainable Infrastructure and Safety

Donald understands that the first responsibility of municipal government is to provide maintainable infrastructure and public safety to it's residents.

Without appropriate infrastructure and public safety planning and implementation, population growth can create issues that could be avoided.

The ability of our schools, roads, utilities, police department, and fire department to properly support our population growth must be a planned effort that does not fall behind.

Sustainable Economic Growth

Donald realizes that municipal development based on tax revenue speculation puts Westfield's future at risk.  Tax Increment Financing (TIF) can take money out of funds meant for our schools and public services, such as infrastructure, police, and fire departments.

Long-term economic stability cannot be maintained by a "tourism" economy.  During an economic downturn, travel is one of the first activities to feel the effects.  The restaurant and hospitality industries do not provide high-paying, career-oriented jobs.

Sustainable economic growth is achieved by attracting high-paying, career-oriented employers to Westfield.

Accountable Financial Management

Donald knows that authority requires accountability.  As Mayor of Westfield, he will provide consistently transparent communication, not only with the City Council, but with all the residents of Westfield.

Donald will ensure that information regarding city affairs is easily and readily available, in detail, in numerous formats.  The residents of Westfield will have access to actual data and not just metrics designed to provide only part of the facts.

Public Safety Initiatives

I believe that we can increase the level of public safety in Westfield without breaking the bank to do it.  Properly staffed, trained, and equipped police and fire departments are the foundation of a safe community.

School Safety

With the recent school shooting in Noblesville, the issue of school safety has taken top priority in the minds of many Hoosiers - and rightfully so.  Our most valuable natural resource is our children.  Nothing should come before their safety and security.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

According to The Use of Tax Increment Finance by Indiana Local Governments by Larry DeBoer, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, "Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a popular but controversial means for counties, cities and towns to pay for infrastructure intended to promote economic development."   


Grand Park

Grand Park is an awesome amenity.  Unfortunately, it continues to operate annually at a loss and is not generating the TIF district funds required to pay back its debt, let alone meet it's operating expenses.

The City of Westfield has bet on a tourism economy and is losing millions of dollars annually.  Grand Park is only 5 years old and is already a financial drain on Westfield's residents.

Donald believes that the City of Westfield should not be operating a business, especially a tourism-based business.  Taxpayers are not venture capitalists, whose funds should be used for entrepreneurial speculation.

Grand Park should be privatized and the taxpayer-funded debt should be paid, as soon as possible.  If Grand Park is going to be profitable, private business investment will need to own and operate it.

Grand Junction Park and Plaza

The City of Westfield has some beautiful parks.  The city currently operates nine (9) parks listed on its web site.  Among these is Asa Bales Park, in the heart of Westfield and within walking distance of downtown Westfield, Westfield Intermediate School, Westfield Middle School, Westfield High School, and the Westfield Washington Public Library.

The City of Westfield does not need a $35 million city park less than a mile from Asa Bales Park.  Asa Bales Park is a 13 acre amenity.  The proposed Grand Junction Park and Plaza is approximately 6.5 acres, half the size of Asa Bales Park.

If new amenities need to be developed in a city park for Westfield's residents, it would make more sense to develop those amenities in Asa Bales Park.

The proposed Grand Junction Park and Plaza should be sold to a private investor or investment group to be developed to attract business investment in the area.

Special Interest Groups

I fully support the free association of like-minded people, whether it be individuals or businesses, with the intent of working toward a common goal. So, I support trade associations, labor unions, fraternal organizations, charities, churches, and any other association which becomes involved in the process of government.

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