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School Safety

With the recent school shooting in Noblesville, the issue of school safety has taken top priority in the minds of many Westfield residents - and rightfully so.  Our most valuable natural resource is our children.  Nothing should come before their safety and security.

I believe that our focus should be on the physical security of our schools.  I also believe that the blueprint for safeguarding our schools is in our government facilities.  We go to considerable lengths to ensure the security of government facilities.  We should expect the same level of security in our schools.

I am also a proponent of security cameras on the inside and outside of the building, along with door sensors and locks that prevent anyone from entering, except through the main entrance.  I also support the use of canine units assigned to every school.  A canine unit trained to identify firearms could be a security measure with positive impact on children's perceptions.

I have heard many people say that limiting entry of students to one door isn't practical, due to the time component and the delays involved.  Multiple doors can be used for morning entry, employing security guards, canine units, and other security measures.  Once the morning entry is completed, all doors but the main entrance would be locked and the additional resources could be released for the day.

Spending money on "mental health" initiatives sounds to me like municipal government wanting more involvement in your child's health care.  I don't want local government deciding which children are "mentally fit" and which children are a "danger".  Whenever government has the power to take someone's rights or freedoms away, based on "mental health", bad things are bound to happen.

In summary, I support hardening our school buildings and I am against municipal government getting involved in children being evaluated by municipal government for "mental fitness".

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