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Special Interest Groups

I fully support the free association of like-minded people, whether it be individuals or businesses, with the intent of working toward a common goal. So, I support trade associations, labor unions, fraternal organizations, charities, churches, and any other association which becomes involved in the process of government.

What I do not support is government granting special consideration for any group over another, especially based upon campaign support status. Our government was created to protect the freedoms, economic and social, of all individuals, not just those who contribute enough to a political campaign to be considered important.

So, let me be clear. Every group who seeks to influence government for the benefit of everyone has my full support. Any group which seeks to create an advantage for themselves to the detriment of others, economically or socially, does not have my support.

I believe that government's mandate is to protect the rights of everyone. That means ensuring that no one receives preferential treatment by government.

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